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Winter Solstice 2010 – Cernunnos » Winter Solstice Gateway

Winter Solstice Gateway

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  1. September 13, 2011 6:59 am

    Dear John,
    This is Vesiah here.. not sure if you remember me… did you retreive the picture sent we took in the Fairy Congress this year ?
    time frys.. this artwork you created is very interested as I saw many creature there.. more on the old man scary side.. great for Holloween.. by the way, some suggestion. can you add the 3 D lenticualted effect to your artwork ? I think it wl be more magical as the 3 D effect wl create an in depth world for even the general people..

    hv a wonderful day !

    b regards

    • September 13, 2011 1:26 pm

      John’s been researching your suggestions all day. No telling when I might see him again – he’s fascinated! Thanks for the ideas. I think you’ll be seeing something based on them soon!

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