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Diving Into the Moon

December 9, 2011

While trying to decide whether to crawl out of a warm bed tomorrow morning to watch the total lunar eclipse at 4:45 am (West Coast time – UGH!) I started thinking about what it means when the reflected light of the moon is eclipsed. Does that mean we then see reality? The story I wrote for this Fairy House Gateway created by John Curtis Crawford came to mind. What do you think?

Diving Into the Moon

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A barely visible shimmer climbs the ancient stone steps, stopping at the edge of the platform. The crystal dais waits, suspended at the power center of the Temple of the Moon. Moonrise is still a few breaths away so the enchanted surface slumbers, waiting for the silver rays that will awaken it. Selene raises a hand to the sky, signaling to the many watching eyes that it’s almost time to begin.

Ethereal shapes like clouds, delicate as moonbeams, separate themselves from the wood, forming into more solid beings as they drift to the ground outside the Temple. Children of the light, these spirits live in the space between time, in the Otherworld of the Otherworld, eternal guardians of the Temple whose structure they dreamed and now inhabit. Once they were Tree Spirits, traveling from roots to sky, leaving reflections of their faces in branch and twig like a human fingerprint. Their physical forms rooted to one place on the Earth, their adventurous spirits longed to roam the planet with the winds that visited the highest branches. They experimented with ways to allow their ethereal bodies to wander while their supple but more solid forms stayed with their beloved trees.

On a silver night in mid-summer, one of their kind followed by chance a loop of twig that leaned far over an enchanted pool and saw a glowing disc reflected in the water. The image went deep, beyond the bottom, flowing from silver to deep indigo. The Tree Spirit, mesmerized, dove straight into the center of the moon.

Oh, Joy! What delight! She found herself swimming in a silver pool with rays reaching out like trails to any time/space that had ever mirrored the reflected light of the moon. A lonely memory flooded through her – a vague sense of having been here before. The eyes of night-loving creatures blinked at her, wisps of dreams floated by, landscapes beckoned her. She reached for a glowing mountaintop and landed on a ledge amidst lichen, ferns, and a small fir tree growing out of the rock. She had found the key to spirit travel.

She wanted to go home and share this knowledge with others and the knowledge swirling in the pool told her how. She looked into the orb in the sky, dove up, and found herself flying out of the moon’s reflection in a pool under a loop of twig in her favorite tree.

That was the beginning. Not many Tree Spirits had pools of water with overhanging twigs so they would need to design a way to duplicate the effect. It took many moons to create the Temple that would hold the pool they needed. All the Tree Spirits gathered to fashion a structure in which they could experiment and explore this new-found knowledge. They each imprinted a twig with their image and drew the wood together into a frame. Then they called on the stone clan to form the walls and provide the crystal they would need to amplify the light. When it was finished, each Tree Spirit settled into its twig and the work of exploring the magic they had discovered began.

The memory of the Temple’s creation is reflected in every twig, stone, and grain of sand so tonight, as always, it envelops Selene as she stands at the edge of the great crystal floor. She can feel the energy of the moon gathering; it’s time. She hums the first tone of the welcoming chant, inviting the others to enter the Temple and take their places. The voices of the gathered spirits join Selene’s as they glide through every entrance, a procession to invite moonbeams to follow. They flow up the stairs to perch on every available stone and twig.

The first rays of the full moon and Selene, tonight’s mistress of ceremonies, reach the center of the crystal at the same moment. Using body and voice, Selene deftly sends the silver light reflecting into the deep pool at the base of the Temple. Song weaves with moon beams and the swirling pool below becomes a glowing, silver disc whose reflection has no bottom. The gateway is open. One by one the hovering spirits dive to the center of the moon, burst through the barrier of time-space and travel to whatever image calls to their hearts this night.

Selene will not travel tonight. It’s her turn to hold the gateway open with the song the moon taught her that first night she dove from a twig into infinity. She has taught the song to others and, at the next full moon, it will be someone else’s turn to hold the energy and she will go exploring again. For tonight, she will joyously offer her voice to the silver orb that called her so long ago to teach her about the magic that’s possible when you dive into the reflection.

© Bridget Wolfe, Fairy Woodland, 2010

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