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Nature Whispers Through Fairy Voices

December 7, 2013
Fairy Woodland in Snow

Fairy Woodland in Snow

I woke up to snow on the ground this morning. That’s not unusual for most of you in the Northern Hemisphere in Winter but where I live on the Oregon Coast, it’s rare.  Moisture usually comes as rain thrumming on the roof with gusts lashing into the windows or hail pounding like marbles. We also have winds that sing in the fir trees and waves that pound the rocks at the beach. In other words, weather is loud.

The first thing that touched me when I ventured out was the quiet. Yes, my boots made a crunching sound but, when I stood still, there was nothing to hear. More flakes started to fall, penny-sized brilliant white pressed pieces of art, landing at my feet and on my outstretched hand.  They made no sound as they floated, softly, from their place of birth in the sky to my home on the earth. Nature was whispering.

Our world pays attention to Nature mostly when She shouts. Hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, blizzards, lightening storms are Nature raising Her voice – and we hear Her. Most of the time, though, She whispers. On sunny days with gentle breezes, we go about our normal lives making human noises that drown out Nature’s whisper.

Can we learn to listen to Nature when She speaks softly? Or, like a mother whose child won’t get up and get ready for school even though she’s called three times, will Mother Nature have to stomp Her foot and shout louder and louder before we train our ears to hear Her? There have always been times when She spoke in Her storm voice – it’s part of Her exuberance and Her cycles. But it seems She’s been raising Her voice more often, shouting louder, trying to wake us up.

I don’t know if Nature minds shouting. I do know that Her children – plant, animal, and human – often suffer when She does. I also know that the Spirits of Nature, the Fairies, who speak with Nature’s voice, have been trying to get our attention and strengthen our relationship with Nature for a long time. Their voices whisper to us from every tree, they brush our ears on the breeze, they soothe us when we lie on the earth. If we are quiet and listen, they teach us how to care for Nature.

As Winter takes hold and the green world slumbers, find ways to bring Nature inside and let Fairy voices whisper in your dreams.

©Bridget Wolfe, 2013

Please visit the Fairy Woodland website to find magical creations that help
keep the Fairies – and their voices – close to you.

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  1. December 8, 2013 9:09 am

    This is exquisite writing! I will linger even more than usual on my walk this morning, listening.

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