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It Takes a (Fairy) Village

November 15, 2014

Some places on the Earth have a feel of magic about them; some very special places actually ARE magic. The Douglas Fir grove on our land where the Fairy Fire Village sits is one of the latter. My walk through the  Village this afternoon comes in the golden time – that magical moment when the late afternoon rays of the sun turn everything they touch to gold. The Village has been in place for a full moon cycle now, yet I still approach the gateway with wonder.

the gate22

Gateway to Fairy Fire Village — Gateway by John Crawford, photo by Carol Yamada

I stand at the archway, clasp my palms together as the Fairies taught me, reach through the invisible veil, and wait for the now familiar touch of hands from the other side joining with mine. Together, we spread our arms apart, opening the veil, and allowing me to step through into the Village.

The Fairy Fire Village, in our world, sits in a Douglas Fir grove at Woodland Springs, the home of Fairy Woodland. It was created by a devoted group of human Fairy friends who came together for five days in October, 2014, to build Fairy Houses and do magic. Together, with the help of Fairy Advisors who guided us in choice of location and construction of house, we created a Village of Fairy Houses.

We were called to this task by the Fairy Council of Elders that calls this land home. They asked us to create an enchanted space to make communication and co-creation easier between their realm and ours. They gave us the vision of a Fairy Village where they can anchor their energy more closely to the human, visible realm; a place where mortals are drawn to visit and experience the magic of a woodland environment where Nature Spirits empower the earth. A place where any mortal can take a Fairy guide’s hand to walk through the Village and feel the Fairy Fire that empowers the life force of the planet.

The Castle that anchors the Faerie Realm to the Fairy Fire Village – Castle by John Crawford, photo by Chris Young

We did as the Fairies asked. Then they guided us to create ritual and work magic to make the Fairy Fire Village a place that hovers between two realms, mortal and Faerie. When the gateway is properly opened, humans and Fairies can come together in this place, as they used to before the Faerie Realm retreated so far into the mists.

You may wonder, as we did, why the Fairies would ask for such a thing. There are many types of Fairy beings who inhabit the realms just beyond our human perception. The ones who live in the woods and meadows that are home to Fairy Woodland are mostly Nature Spirits and they are extremely concerned about the transitions in which the Earth Mother currently finds herself. Their passion to nurture the Earth Mother and all her children manifests as a fire that glows through all living things.

To enhance the power of that fire in this time of transition, the Fairies want to partner with humans who share their passionate love for the Earth Mother. That’s why they asked us to build this Village, as a meeting place where they could more easily touch the thoughts and hearts of humans, to enlist our help in spreading the Fairy Fire, the passionate life energy that nurtures all living things on the planet.

Fairy House in the trees

Fairy House nestled between two trees — House by Julie Lovejoy, photo by Chris Young

The Fairies want the magic of the Fairy Fire Village to reach beyond this Douglas Fir grove as well. They reminded us that, for many years, we have been creating mystical items and infusing them with the spirit energy of the Fairy Woodland. Those creations have gone out into the world to touch the imagination and open the heart of anyone who comes in contact with them.

Every Fairy House, every Fairy Door, we create at Fairy Woodland is born in a box of sand, sands that have been gathered from all over the planet. In the rituals the Fairies did with us to connected the Village in both realms, they also helped us send out a silver thread to each of those items, to allow the keeper of that piece to use it as a gateway to connect to the Village – and therefore to Faerie – as well.

If you are the keeper of a Fairy Woodland Fairy House or Fairy Door and want to walk in the Fairy Fire Village with the Fae, spend a moment with the piece you have and the photos on this page – especially the one of the main gateway, above – and let your imagination connect to the Village. Walk up to the gateway, introduce yourself, and ask for permission to enter. Then close your eyes or let them focus on the house or door in front of you. Tell the Fairies why you’ve come and then listen. If you do this before you go to sleep, you should have interesting dreams. Please share your experiences in the comments section below.

A tiny, enchanted Fairy House. House by Carol Yamada, photo by Chris Young

A tiny, enchanted Fairy House. House by Carol Yamada, photo by Chris Young

For those of you fortunate enough to visit the beautiful Oregon Central Coast, contact us before you come and make a walk in the Fairy Fire Village a part of your journey. In time, we hope to have the Village open to the public.

We need the Fairies’ help to do the hard work that lies ahead to help the planet adjust to coming changes, to help as many species as possible adapt and survive. And the Fairies need our help to influence our fellow humans to be a part of the solution; they need our voices and our hands. If you are called to this project and want to get involved, contact us. Help keep the Fairy Fire lit.

— @Bridget Wolfe, 2014

If you want to know more about the Fairy Fire Village project or want to contribute to it in some way, email us:

THE TRACTOR PROJECT. One of the essentials for keeping the paths to the village passable and beating back the blackberries is a riding lawn tractor. John’s died this summer and he’s been borrowing one from our kind neighbors. The group who came to build the village decided that would not do and started a tractor fund so John can buy a new one. We’re almost half-way there. If you want to add your energy to the Village, helping John get a new tractor would go a long way. If you want to toss in a few $$, there’s a special paypal account. Go to and send to



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  1. Cheri permalink
    December 29, 2017 2:58 pm

    This is beautiful, reminding me of every walk, every breath of fragrance, every sense of wonder, peace and magic found in every forest in which I’ve ever walked. Tread lightly in these fields, hills and woods, as we are all invited – we do not own.

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