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Joy Light

December 13, 2010

We are quickly approaching the Winter Solstice, the shortest day, longest night of the year. This is a time when many people find themselves slipping into internal darkness that no amount of holiday lights can dispel. I’ll post some thoughts about the Winter Solstice when we get closer to the date but, in the meantime, I wanted to offer a Fairy House story I stumbled upon a few days ago that helped me remember where the most important light resides. If your spirit is struggling with the darkness, I hope this will help. (If you’re already in the “Joy Light” then perhaps this can make it even brighter.) The Fairy House picture is here because it makes me smile as well. BTW, the Fairy House is available on the FW website.

Joy Light


Stumbling upon a forest glade is always a delight. After wandering in the contemplative shadows of ancient trees, your footsteps cushioned by duff soft as a down pillow, the sight of a clearing with streaming sunlight beckons like the entrance to another world. Aina’s home nestles in a woodsy clearing that is all that and more because Aina, who’s name means “joy,” lives there.

Aina was born at sunrise with first-light blessings streaming in the windows. She laughed when she came into the world, her brand new body glowing like a gold coin bathed in liquid sunlight. Her Aunties joked that she had swallowed a sun flare on her journey from the spirit world. As she grew, her radiance softened so others could look at her without wearing sunglasses and her laughter echoed through the village, a laugh like bells, like the breeze on a summer’s day, like ripples on water. Her external brightness became an inner luminescence that brought light to every space she entered;.even at night, her gentle gleam kept the shadows at bay. As she slept, her family would marvel at the shimmering light that flowed from her, undulating gently with her slumbering breath.

When the time came for Aina to find her special Earth place to tend, she discovered that every spot that didn’t already have a resident Fairy wanted her to settle there but nowhere felt quite right until she found this forest glade where the light that flooded the space when the sun was directly overhead was as golden and brilliant as her own.

The glade and all its creatures, as well as the denizens of the surrounding forest, welcomed her and helped her build a home that laughs each morning at the sunrise and smiles the rest of the day, in honor of the joy that Aina brings to the space she inhabits. As she moves through the forest on her daily rounds, a squirrel rides on her shoulder, chattering about the news from the trees, chickadees flutter from branch to branch along her path, and butterflies follow in her wake. She stoops to gather news of the Earth from a red salamander and brushes her hand over a red huckleberry bush whose berries immediately grow plumper and sweeter.

Aina’s magic is that she loves everything, so no darkness can ever touch her. She loves the trees and the squirrels, the striped racer and every clump of moss. She loves the sunlight and the storms, the seasons, the cycles, the changes. The love light inside of her erupts as laughter and the winds carry the song of it to distant corners of the Realm. On a dreary winter night, when the bell-like tones of Aina’s light slip under the door, even the darkest space finds its own glow.

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  1. December 15, 2010 11:19 am

    Thank you for these recent posts, they have cheered me up. I will go and take a picture of my “Chalet” almost buried in the deep snow we have.

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